The pilot project Skogspaus is a collaboration between Stadsbyggnadsförvaltningen and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, where we test whether a virtual forest can have the same positive effect on stress as a real forest.



Research has shown that a stay in the forest helps against stress and mental illness. At the same time, our distance to forests and nature increases as cities grow and become denser. The majority of the host's population lives in large cities and within 20 years it is estimated that almost 90 % of Sweden's population live in urban areas. According to the WHO, mental illness and stress will be the biggest threat to human health in the future. Therefore, it is important to create places in the city for recovery that encourage a short break in everyday life and help lower the level of stress.



With the help of film, sound and scent recreate a place in the forest in a movable room. The idea is that this should be a quiet place where you can take a micro break before, during or after the working day. The room is now open for everyone to try. A selected test group will be equipped with measuring equipment so that the researchers can measure the body's reactions to the virtual forest break. You who are curious and want to test yourself are welcome to do so during our regular opening hours until week 45!

Impact target

The goal is to produce data that shows whether even a virtual forest counteracts stress.


We have evaluated and will not go ahead and scale up in the current situation.


Name: Anna Kowalik Tidblad
E-mail: anna.kowaliktidblad@helsingborg.se