Parents of children aged 3-12 have the opportunity to attend a web-based parenting course, with telephone guidance. There is also a variant for ages 12-20.

The course is active and part of the regular work. Swedish copecenter has now taken over the management of the course. The tool has been suitable during the pandemic and parents appreciate that you can start the course on day 1, and not have to wait for the course to start


Parenting courses must be available as a preventive measure when the parent has the time and opportunity to participate.


The web-based course is based on film material and tasks that the parent can do themselves when they have time, one task at a time. The material is based on the parenting course Cope (Community Parent Education Program). The course has since been distributed nationally through the Swedish Cope Association. We are now translating the course into Arabic.


Name: Annika Andersson
E-mail: annika.andersson@helsingborg.se