Parental Swedish is teaching Swedish for foreign-born people who are on parental leave. Now we want to make it even better.


As a newcomer, the Swedish language plays a very big role in the opportunity to get a job and become integrated into Swedish society. That is why all new arrivals study Swedish for immigrants (SFI). But people also become parents, and those on parental leave cannot take part in regular education. Then we offer parental Swedish, so that those who are on parental leave can get help with the Swedish language. Accelerating the time it takes to learn Swedish means that more people quickly get to work or otherwise become an integral part of society. More people become self-sufficient and since most of those who take their parental leave among foreign-born people are women, it also plays a big role in equality.


We now want to strengthen the labor market perspective in parenting Swedish. The teaching gene must be about both the language and the labor market and equal parenting. Even more families with children should be able to take part in the teaching. Exclusion will be reduced by us facilitating and supporting the establishment already during parental leave.

Impact target

Faster establishment in working life and society.


Name: Peter Ekström
E-mail: peter.ekstrom@helsingborg.se