During the visit, we show the waste ladder in practice and how products can be reused and recycled. The visitor is offered an exposition of all the initiatives for smart resource use that NSR in Helsingborg represents with everything from recycling and recycling to biochar and biogas.

Öresundskraft's Filbornaverk is one of the world's most modern and efficient facilities for extracting energy from residual waste. It is part of an energy system that consumes very little primary energy and does not use oil, coal or gas. During H22 City Expo, we show how energy recovery from residual waste is related to the waste hierarchy and how waste can be transformed into heat, cold and electricity in society.

A detailed program for the study visits will be published at https://h22.se

Events during expo: Site visits; Conference "Beloved, hated carbon dioxide"

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Name: Göran Skoglund
E-mail: goran.skoglund@oresundskraft.se