The family reads should give children of low-educated parents better conditions to succeed in school.


Despite the fact that the school must compensate for different family circumstances, the children's future prospects are strongly dependent on their upbringing environment and the parents' level of education. As many as half of the children whose parents have a primary school or lower level of education do not have access to upper secondary school. At the same time, research shows that for the children who finish year nine with the right to apply for upper secondary school, the risks of ending up in exclusion are halved.


By helping children learn all the letter sounds and cracking the reading code before school starts, we will strengthen their confidence in their own abilities. The method Läsklar, which is for children at risk and / or with developed reading difficulties, has been developed, tested and researched (with very good results) for children, not adults. We will now test whether the method can be used for both parents and children and that they could give each other traction.

The hope is that in the long run the children will receive better parental support during their future school time. Based on their circumstances, parents must be able to help their children succeed in school and have a functioning contact with the school. Their competence as a school parent is strengthened. Of course, it would also be of great importance for the family's everyday life in general if the parents learn to read and write.

Impact target

Proud and happy five-year-olds who start preschool class with good self-esteem

Resident involvement

The project is carried out for and with families, partly participation in the project but also interviews

  • Challenge

    How do we fight segregation in our communities?

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    Participation, Parents, School, Social sustainability, Social innovation

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    Labor market administration, The Inheritance Fund, Helsingborg Library, Inva-sam, Inhabitant


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