We want to explore the possibilities of eye tracking (or eye tracking technology) and see if it can help us better understand our students' information retrieval. Can it create new ways of analyzing learning and give us new opportunities for feedback?


One of the biggest challenges we have within the school is to individualize the teaching to meet
all students at the level where they are. With this initiative, we want to see what a difference it can make if we can see how the student absorbs information, in what order he looks at different parts of a task eye-tracking technique and get black and white on what the student actually discovers in the teaching.


Eye tracking or gaze tracking technology consists of a part with camera sensors that collect data about how the gaze goes over a surface - the nine sensors sit on the inside of a pair of glasses and follow the way the gaze goes. The second part consists of a software part where data from the sensors is analyzed and visualized and in that way creates a basis for further work with.

The technology will be tested within the framework of maths teaching at Elinebergsskolan during the autumn term 2021.

Impact target

Increased knowledge of the possibilities with eye tracking technology

Resident involvement

The initiative is being tested together with the students at Elinebergsskolan.


Name: Osama Abbas
E-mail: osama.abbas@helsingborg.se