Despite the introduction of the GDPR several years ago, the ability to easily see who has what information about you has not materialized. We want to explore blockchain technology to see if it can help citizens become owners of their personal data generated by public administration. We also want to explore whether citizens can share their data to and between several different providers of city services.

The city of Helsingborg is part of DLT4EU, a power-driven accelerator program to provide practical solutions to urgent challenges in the circular economy and digital citizenship, two critical areas with a major impact on a socially just and environmentally responsible European economy.



We want to help citizens become owners of their personal data generated by public administration and, secondly, to be able to share their data to and between several providers of city services. The most important perceived barrier to realizing this concept is that each city service provider has a different legal structure that slows down or in some cases prevents data sharing - citizen data is caught in silos within and between service providers. In addition, types and formats for data collection are fragmentary and prevent a more holistic view of citizens' public needs. 


As part of the DLT4EU accelerator, we are investigating with our venture team AID: Tech how we can use blockchain technology to solve these problems. A potential solution is a data wallet that is downloaded to your device and connected to the Mitt Helsingborg app. Inside the app, you would then have functionality to see and control what data is shared with the city.


Lessons learned:

The pilot as part of the DLT4EU accelerator program was a good opportunity to explore and test a technology that we otherwise would not have looked at in this context. It required some investment from the city of Helsingborg and was very low risk. But the results were not very useful for our case and in connection with only the city of Helsinki. There was a need for a user case involving several organizations with which a citizen can share similar data, which was not the case for this pilot. See the final report here.

Impact target

Increased control and security of residents' personal data

Impact target

That residents can share their information to and between several providers of city services

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    AID: Tech, DLT4EU, Hbg Works


Name: Max Larcombe
E-mail: Max.Larcombe@helsingborg.se