Low climate impact provided a significant advantage in the tender, when procuring a new construction project.


A significant part of Helsingborgshem's climate impact can be linked to the construction of new residential buildings. But it is difficult to make demands on this when procuring new projects. Knowledge about emissions from material production and construction phase is not large enough in the industry.


Helsingborgshem chose to let the contractors compete for the lowest climate impact in the procurement of a new residential building on Högasten. The contractor who reported the lowest climate impact for new production gained a significant advantage in the evaluation of the tenders. The winning bid gave both the lowest price and the lowest climate impact. This is our first step in using climate requirements in the construction phase, and something that both we and the contractors have been able to learn a lot from.

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    Climate & Environment

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    Sustainable construction, Environment, Procurement


Name: Tina Appelqvist
E-mail: Tina.Appelqvist@helsingborgshem.se