Project on Energy Improvement Districts / EU project at Helsingborg Hospital. Öresundskraft has joined forces with Region Skåne to develop and realize an energy-smart hospital at Helsingborg Hospital, which is currently being rebuilt and rebuilt. The project is part of the EU project Baltic Smart City Area for the 21st century, and is part-financed by the EU program Interreg Baltic Sea. Within the project, the concept of Energy Improvement District is designed and tested, which aims to find cross-sectoral incentives to make districts more energy efficient. This is part of achieving the EU's energy goals and limiting global warming. During H22, this initiative is partly strongly linked to governance and highly interesting for other types of large properties that secure their energy systems for the future.

Events during expo: Site visits, events, conferences for knowledge exchange, we also try to look at opportunities for residents.

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Name: Anna Sundberg
E-mail: Anna.Sundberg@oresundskraft.se