The project tests different methods for creating a system where our community jointly manages and distributes a pot of money on projects and initiatives that benefit the community. By exploring and using, among other things, blockchain technology (blockchain) and the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), BoostHbg tests how a community-based fund can be used to create engagement within our target group and drive new initiatives with genuine anchoring in the target group. This also tests how a public sector could adopt these new technological solutions in a way that increases our relevance and ensures democratic and transparent processes.

If the pilot project results in a successful and clear method, we see the potential for other businesses with completely different types of target groups to be able to take part in these processes.


Our goal in the city of Helsingborg in general, and at BoostHbg specifically, is to work as enables. Our mission as a regional resource center is to support our Scanian creators to stay relevant in an ever-changing media landscape. We achieve this by promoting innovation, knowledge sharing and community development.


Over the years, BoostHbg has tested different methods and formats to ensure our relevance to our target group and create engagement. At present, however, it is sometimes difficult to get their target group to get involved (lack of time, interest, uncertainty about whether their investment will be used, etc.). This results in companies offering community services based on observations, research and finally assumptions. The best thing would have been to not have to rely on assumptions in the end, and to achieve this, BoostHbg works actively to create an exchange both between members within our community but also between the business and its community. The problem that we at BoostHbg want to solve is simply how we ensure the relevance and usefulness of the care in an engaging and effective way where our target group actively participates in a business whose mission is to benefit them. We are not alone in this challenge and hope to be able to translate our lessons learned in our specific field into something that other businesses can also take part in.

Could we actually increase the relevance of the services if we built a system where community members can easily get involved and also have decision-making power? Would this lead to better and more valuable business activities? Through the pilot project, we want to answer those questions and give our community the power to make decisions that can then be translated into business.


This is an exploratory project in a pioneering area - not only in Sweden but also globally. This means that it comes with some major issues and challenges that we must address during development. The project will involve activities in the public sector but also civil society and academia. To meet the various challenges and answer the questions, we will need to engage working groups where external expertise is invited to increase the ambition and competence of the project. We will also invite our community to the design of the fund and the rules of the game that will be used for decision-making. This ensures participation and anchors the project in the community that we want to be involved in when it is launched.

Impact target

- Committed members of our community who take responsibility for their needs. The goal of engaging your community is to ensure the relevance of your business. By offering effective methods that facilitate this exchange, we hope to be able to promote commitment and show the value of participation. We hope that this results in more people taking the opportunity and making their voices heard.

Impact target

- A living community fund that can be developed and grown after the pilot project. If it turns out that this is a valuable method, BoostHbg will continue to develop it and add parts of our annual operating budget to be spent through the fund.

Impact target

- Lessons learned and new working methods that can be used in our own business but also extracted to other businesses. Since this is an exploratory project, the main goal is to acquire knowledge that either shows that this is the right path to continue to develop or that we should invest resources in something else.

Resident involvement

BoostHbg Community Fund is based on involving residents, both during the development phase and in the end product. For the project to be successful, the commitment of those we work for is required. The pilot initiative focuses on a specific target group - Scanian creators in games and film - but if the method proves to be effective, it can be used in other types of contexts to engage residents in various projects and initiatives.


Name: Hillevi Gustafson
E-mail: Hillevi.Gustafson@helsingborg.se