For those who for various reasons can not support themselves completely, it is possible to apply for financial support. Today, that process is quite cumbersome and it takes time for both residents and authorities, and since it is somewhat complicated, there is also more room for something to go wrong. The labor market administration wants it to be easy, comprehensible and safe to apply for income support.





The new solution will be simpler and more understandable for residents. This allows us to work more efficiently with the resources we have. And we ensure that we get a good result in the change by testing afterwards and include both residents and employees in all parts of the process.

We also know that simpler and faster is in line with the expectations of the citizens of Helsingborg on the city's services and we must find faster and smarter solutions that are adapted to people's needs.

In addition, we think that if technology also saves time for us who work in the city, we can devote more time and energy to the tasks that create value for the city's residents where human encounter is crucial.

And finally: we also think it is important to be in step with the development of society. The city's services must not lag behind.





We do this by working smarter, easier and faster to be able to handle with less resources and to simplify for residents. Without compromising the rule of law.

We build an automation into the business system, a software retrieves information from the e-application, creates a calculation and starts a documentation, which streamlines the administrative work and saves time. We have gone our own way in this and tested on a small scale and had both employees and residents involved in the entire work and all parts of the process.

In addition, the Labor Market Administration, together with Hbg Works, simplifies the digital application itself to make it simpler and easier to understand. Applying for income support will be one of the first services that can be used in the application Mitt Helsingborg, which will hopefully be able to gather all the important services that the city offers the citizens of Helsingborg.


Impact target

A smoother flow for income support recipients through the Labor Market Administration.

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    Labor market administration, The city management administration

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    Automation / RPA


Name: Nadine Khalil
E-mail: nadine.khalil@helsingborg.se