Together with Helsingborgers, we want to develop the best possible conditions for developing in e-sports in a healthy and sustainable way. From what new perspectives can we look at the amount of activities that can be found in e-sports, gaming and online culture?


How can we give young people the best possible conditions for developing in e-sports in a healthy and sustainable way? We want to find out how we can create an ecosystem in Helsingborg where e-sports and gaming are linked both to the curriculum and to fantastic leisure time. Together with residents, we test the sport and connect perspectives on physical and mental health, leadership and organization. Can we also examine school results, future career choices and professional roles and how e-sports, gaming and online culture play a role in social life and balance in life?




E-sports and gaming are tested together with Högastenskolan in Helsingborg, where students from grades 7, 8 and 9 come to Tryckeriet's e-sports room every week to play, coach, talk about physical and mental health and try other activities. Gaming and e-sports as activities are also started up at Tryckeriet, where a combination of games, physical activities. and calls are tested in various forms. The tests and results will be exchanged at other meeting places in the city.

Impact target

Increase knowledge about e-sports and gaming. Strengthen the health benefits of e-sports (physical and mental) by combining e-sports and gaming with other activities and education.

Resident involvement

Tests take place together with children and young people who are from school and participants at Tryckeriet.


Name: Emil Sandrå
E-mail: emil.sandra@helsingborg.se