A limited number of administrators at the social administration have had to try to document with speech recognition. This has created the conditions for a changed way of working, where the written language is more "clear language" and thus accessible to our inhabitants. Today, work is underway to explore the possibilities that speech recognition will become an accessible work tool for all employees through the office package.


To save time on documentation and get more time for the meeting with clients, we have tested a digital speech recognition service that will make the work easier.


Speech recognition learns how you speak and what words you use often. Each license is therefore personal.


Impact target

Reduced time for documentation with the administrators at the social administration.

  • Driven by

    The social administration

  • Category

    Digitization & Technology

  • Technologies

    AI, Automation / RPA

  • Estimated budget

    119000 kr

  • Cost so far

    110050 kr

  • Sector



Name: Pernilla Kvist
E-mail: pernilla.kvist@helsingborg.se