What is your vision for Helsingborg? Do you have ideas that could make life here more fun, more sustainable, more inclusive or smarter? The Vision Fund is Helsingborg's unique money pot and free coaching program for you and your ideas. Here's your chance to make a difference!

You can apply at any time yourself, or as a group, organization or company - and with projects of all sizes from a one-off event or street art to creating new meeting places and communities on everything from sustainability, music, film, skating, integration and more.

On three selection occasions each year, a panel selects which ideas will be rewarded with coaching support and up to SEK 100,000 in financial support per idea. read more about The Vision Fund here. You can too get help with your application and see the dates for upcoming selections.

Start brainstorming new ideas today and follow the Vision Fund Instagram for inspiration. Or start filling out your application right now if you have an idea that is ready to hatch.

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