Fredriksdal will be a safe and prosperous district. Together with the residents of Fredriksdal and the associations and activities that exist there, the city of Helsingborg wants to create a district to feel good in. We create community together.




Fredriksdal will be developed into a more socially, physically and democratically sustainable district in Helsingborg. The opportunities for self-sufficiency, security and participation must be strengthened by testing new ways for residents, the private and the public sector to find solutions together.

We want to increase the quality of life and the feeling of security and social trust in Fredriksdal. More people will be integrated and involved, more people will be able to support themselves and more people will feel that they are involved in their district and in Helsingborg.



As part of the Exploratory City, we are testing new methods for letting residents, associations, companies and other businesses together build a safe and stable district. The city of Helsingborg wants to help make this possible.

The city invites residents and organizations to meetings and dialogues and enables people to meet and together find exciting solutions to the challenges that exist in Fredriksdal. The obstacles that emerge and and the knots that need to be solved, the city of Helsingborg will work for us to be able to get past.

The great potential of the project lies in the conviction that we create community together and together we become stronger.

Impact target

Increased quality of life for residents of Fredriksdal.

Impact target

Fewer households in Fredriksdal that have financial assistance.

Impact target

Lower unemployment for residents of Fredriksdal.

Resident involvement

It is a project based on resident involvement, to enable the residents of Fredriksdal to clarify their needs and also shape the solution.


Name: Malin Grahn Marksell
E-mail: malin.grahn.marksell@helsingborg.se