Det digital the alternative to WorkWalk - an opportunity for students to get to know the Helsingborg Family's labor market without visiting them on site.  


Getting to know and being inspired by the many different opportunities in the labor market is fundamental in order to be able to make a decision about which high school program one should eventually choose. At the same time, it is important for Familjen Helsingborg's employers to have the opportunity to tell their potential future colleagues about their activities.

We need to find new ways to enable high school students to get to know the local labor market.  


The DigiWalk initiative

Together with Nanny Palmkvistskolan and Söderskolan in Helsingborg, we explored the possibilities of, for example, adding gamification elements and creating a digital version of Helsingborg where students can get to know new professions. The initiative was aimed at younger years and you can take part in the teaching material here.

Digital WorkWalk

The work with the digital version of WorkWalkthe concept continues to roll within the Helsingborg Family.

A Digital WorkWalk aims to increase interest in vocational training and to showcase a breadth of companies that exist in our region. The purpose of the site is to enable company visits digitally. Students will participate in digital events with a focus on learning more about different industries and professions. With this, we want to give students and jobseekers better choice skills so that in the future it will be easier to make high school and career choices.

Impact target

Increased awareness of the opportunities in the labor market

Resident involvement

The project is carried out in collaboration with educators and students at the relevant schools.


Name: Maja Jovanovic
E-mail: maja.jovanovic@helsingborg.se

Name: Marlene Klit Welin
E-mail: Marlene.klitwelin@helsingborg.se