The possibility of digital work training at a distance is now being explored, with the home as the workplace. Two tracks are now being tested: preparatory and bridging for work training. That is, how the support for a work training should work, as well as work training tasks at home.


Job training is an important tool for residents, who for various reasons have a reduced ability to work, to be able to return to working life. But how do you train to meet new conditions in the labor market? The past year or so has given us a new perspective on what a workplace really is. Starting from home as a workplace provides completely new opportunities.

It can also be easier to reach target groups that have previously been difficult to reach, such as people with social phobia who have isolated themselves at home. Precisely the requirement for social ability and the requirement to perform a given task can become an unnecessary obstacle in the resident's process. Removing the requirement to be in a social context can be very helpful for many to take the first steps back to a job.


A project group. with an occupational therapist, a guide and a matchmaker, analyzes needs and develops a concept together with residents and businesses. A first test with residents has been done and the group is now continuing with lessons to further sharpen the concept.

Resident involvement

Residents are involved in the entire process, from identifying needs to designing the concept and testing it.


Name: Sabuha Cetinkaya
E-mail: sabuha.cetinkaya.helsingborg.se