What happens to a person when he feels the full responsibility and ownership to solve his challenges? The labor market administration wants to investigate which paths people take when given full responsibility for their planning towards a job.


The pilot study gives us an opportunity to investigate what happens to the individual and his or her behavior when he or she takes responsibility for their own planning and approach in order to reach employment as soon as possible. Hopefully, the pilot study can provide indications of what works or not. Our hope is to be able to use this knowledge to become good at identifying which people master the way they work, but also to understand which paths work for them. This can lead to us internally planning our resources more efficiently and focusing on the people who need closer support.


The pilot study Digital way was started in the autumn of 2021. It is based on a collaboration between Financial Assistance (Reception and Ongoing) and Arbetsmarknad Jobbtorget Scala. The aim of the study is to investigate how residents who receive financial assistance go about getting to work when they themselves are responsible for their planning. While the participants are participating in the pilot study, they are not assigned a guide. Instead of the control function that we usually use, the participants are responsible for creating a plan for how to reach employment. We give them access to AMF's digital tools such as the app Skills Sweden and U2Work, the range of activities offered at Jobbtorget Scala, in the districts, recruitment, internship and training opportunities, study and career counselors, support from the customer hosts at Scala.

Impact target

Shorter time with income support.

Resident involvement

The basic precondition for the project is that residents themselves choose to participate, and it is then their path and choice that we look at and analyze.


Name: Maria Hällstig
E-mail: maria.hallstig@helsingborg.se