Sensors that early identify signs that a threatening situation is underway. This gives the staff a warning and the opportunity to take action or call for help in good time.


Some of our LSS homes are home to people with illnesses that can make them aggressive and outspoken in certain situations. Situations can arise quickly and make the work environment unsafe for staff.

Despite the fact that staff receive extensive training in dealing with threatening situations early on and in avoiding them from developing, there is a risk that signals are missed, especially if the staff is inexperienced.


With sound sensors that detect changes in voice and tone and cameras that detect movement patterns, staff receive a warning that a threatening situation is underway, which allows them to take action or call for help in good time. The warning is discreet and is only perceived by the staff.

Impact target

Fewer cases of threatening situations in LSS housing

Impact target

Increased security among healthcare professionals


Name: Jeccica Linde
E-mail: jeccica.linde@helsingborg.se

Name: Martina Elofsson
E-mail: martina.elofsson@helsingborg.se