We want to make it possible for more people to have access to cultural experiences. The corona pandemic has shown that there is potential and value in digital cultural communication. Many cultural activities have begun to test digital guided tours, city walks and lectures. However, the interactivity has been limited. Most often it has consisted of dialogue via a chat, for example on Youtube or meeting platforms such as Zoom.

Helsingborg Museum's Experience & Learning department wants to carry out an exploratory pilot project to test methodology and technology that enables a higher degree of digital interactivity.

For physical visits, there is a well-functioning methodology that enables a high degree of interactivity. Appropriate methods have been developed with regard to and in harmony with the needs and conditions of different groups. The target groups we work with are tenants in nursing homes, group activities for adults, school pedagogy and course activities. Now we want to bring these experiences into the digital sphere.


If the project goes well, we will be able to offer cultural experiences even for those residents who, for reasons of accessibility, do not have the opportunity to visit us today. We will also be able to expand our service portfolio with digital experiences and courses to groups around the country, which creates new revenue opportunities.

We also believe that the experiences and results that the project brings can be of benefit to more companies that work with cultural communication and interactivity.


In the search for a technical solution, we initially turned to a few different companies. One company had a solution that we thought was interesting, but the purchase price and operating price were too high.

The next step was to collaborate with a digital competence within the administration to together map the process and the transformation from the physical form to a digital variant. Step three consisted of a workshop with the digitization department to see if we within the city could develop a suitable solution. At present, we are waiting for a proposal and a price tag from them. If the product and price tag work, we will test a prototype with our target groups.

Impact target

We have realized that the experiences and results that the project brings can be to the delight of other activities that work with communication and interactivity, both within and outside the cultural sector.

Impact target

Reach new audiences.

Impact target

Make Helsingborg Museum's offerings available to more people.


Name: Charlotte Alheim
E-mail: charlotte.alheim@helsingborg.se

Name: Serkan Erol
E-mail: serkan.erol@helsingborg.se

Name: Catharina Nilsson
E-mail: catharina.nilsson@helsingborg.se