Independence and self-determination are important parts of every person's everyday life. Also for our customers in the LSS business who receive efforts to be able to live their lives like everyone else. When customers are involved and can control their everyday life, the commitment to participate increases. In addition, customers' sense of self-determination increases. Employees can then also more easily plan and synchronize their work.

In the digital contribution card, the residents can book their contributions themselves. They also have the opportunity to make changes in a more flexible way than before.


People who live in LSS housing are entitled to a number of different contributions each week, such as laundry, cleaning, shopping and socializing. The weekly schedule for these initiatives is today planned in an effective way so that the needs are met.

The problem is that the resident does not feel fully involved in the planning. Although routines are important, the residents can become inhibiting if the routines feel compelling. Then there is a risk that the resident becomes unmotivated and does not want to participate in the efforts he is entitled to.

The planned schedule can not always be kept, often due to changes in staffing. Then it is the resident who must be flexible and change their planning. In the digital intervention card, the resident can instead choose when they want to carry out the activity.


A digital drag-and-drop system in the form of clear symbols. The staff, together with the residents, can place the week's available contributions in a weekly schedule. The resident sees the weekly schedule on their phone or computer, with the option to change and update.

The idea started during an innovation sprint, in a team of a unit manager for LSS, customers at LSS and by support assistants at LSS. In the spring of 2021, a student team at Blekinge University of Technology developed a first concept of the app. In 2023, work continues to build on and produce a working prototype.

Impact target

Increased sense of self-determination among customers in the LSS area

Impact target

More efforts will be carried out according to plan

Resident involvement

The idea started during an innovation sprint in a team with a manager, customer and employees.


Name: Marie Strömberg
E-mail: marie.stromberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Niels Bergsten
E-mail: niels.bergsten@helsingborg.se