A digital "drag-and-drop" system in the form of clear symbols where the staff together with residents can place the week's available bets in a weekly schedule.


People who live in LSS housing are entitled to a number of different contributions each week, such as laundry, cleaning, shopping and socializing. The weekly schedule for these initiatives is today planned in an effective way so that the needs are met. The problem is that the resident does not feel fully involved in the planning, with reduced commitment and a sense of independence as a result. There will also be accommodation that must be flexible when the schedule cannot be kept for various reasons, something that not everyone is comfortable with.


The solution is a digital "drag-and-drop" system where the staff, together with residents, can place the week's available contributions in a weekly schedule. The resident can see the weekly schedule on their phone or computer and has a greater opportunity to update and change the schedule. By being involved in controlling their everyday life, the commitment to participate in the less pleasurable activities increases and the feeling of self-determination increases. For employees, planning and synchronization will also be easier.

In the spring of 2021, a student team at BTH has developed a first variant of the app.

Impact target

Increased sense of self-determination in users

Impact target

Higher degree of implementation of initiatives

Resident involvement

The initiative came from a team during a sprint, in the team participated both the manager and care staff as a tenant from an LSS unit


Name: Marie Strömberg
E-mail: marie.stromberg@helsingborg.se