Through this development project, we want to clarify from a legal perspective which parts of the social work that is possible to carry out across municipal boundaries, in order to benefit from joint development of systems and large-scale operations.


As part of the digitalisation, this means that the municipality as a geographical location has partly played its role. For the resident, it does not matter if the service person you have digital contact with is in their own municipality, in the neighboring municipality or for that matter in a completely different country or a completely different continent, as long as the service provided is perceived as locally anchored.

All forms of digitization benefit from economies of scale and large-scale solutions, as the large costs associated with digitization usually have to do with the creation of the digital original. After that, the cost of using or copying, for example, a digital platform is virtually zero. It is therefore likely that future digital social work is best conducted across municipal boundaries.


In order to paint a not-too-distant digital future, we can imagine that we want to make it possible for those residents who so wish to manage all their contacts with the social services digitally. To be able to digitally apply for help and support; book your appointment for a meeting via digital appointment; perform pre-assessment via digital communication such as chat, video calls, emails, etc .; digitally investigated; get support or treatment digitally and finally also end digitally.

During the entire process, the resident must be able to access all his documentation in real time, such as medical records and investigations via digital channels. With the help of digital technology, we can maximize the value of the social services for our residents and enable them to go from being recipients of our services to becoming active users in their relationship with the social services. All these parts do not have to be parts that are best conducted across municipal boundaries. Some of these parts may also not be possible from a legal perspective to operate across municipal boundaries.

Impact target

Increased understanding of the legal conditions for conducting social services across municipal boundaries


Name: Pernilla Kvist
E-mail: pernilla.kvist@helsingborg.se