A future customer portal. Photographer Freddy Billqvist

We at the environmental administration carry out regular inspections of food businesses, such as restaurants, school canteens, grocery stores, in Helsingborg. After each inspection, it receives an inspection report from us digitally, but in paper format. We want to change this and make it smarter by developing a digital customer portal.

On the customer portal, the entrepreneur must be able to follow their cases and receive direct feedback in their cases, but also be able to give feedback to us himself. Functions we envisage in the portal will include:

  • Direct feedback from inspections
  • See deficiencies they need to remedy and be able to put out the deficiencies themselves after they have shown that the deficiency has been remedied. And
  • Book and rebook checks
  • Send and receive messages (for example about RASFF and cooking recommendations and news)
  • See their information such as information about the company, risk classification, annual fee, Smiley and more. And
  • Follow their cases and take part in decisions and documents.

We want to do this because we need to streamline our work and enable a simple and secure way for companies to follow their cases and communicate with us. And themselves easily be able to give feedback when performing actions. We also have a need to reach out with information that is sometimes specific to a company or a type of company such as RASFF messages or cooking recommendations.

We see that this will have positive effects for both customers and us, among other things by:

  • The customer, can more easily follow and remedy shortcomings from a control, can see what happened during time in their business, gets ONE input to keep in touch with us, gets faster feedback and can change certain information himself and can receive instant messages and notify when something has happened either in a case or in the case of new rules and so on. And
  • We in the administration can make follow-ups in a simpler way, can reach out with information adapted to the company and get a more efficient way of designing an inspection report and less administration in general.

Impact target

Create a digital customer portal where food entrepreneurs always have access to their information.

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    Digitization & Technology

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    Automation / RPA

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    Digitization, Entrepreneurship, Food


Name: Johan Albihn
E-mail: Johan.Albihn@helsingborg.se

Name: Julia Sandberg
E-mail: julia.sandberg@helsingborg.se