The project is a further development of assignment Kärnan, an app with development potential. We now want to continue to explore the possibilities of virtual technology in an immersive form. In the same way as we have tried to illustrate the courtyard, we now want to give a suggestion of what a medieval room in a royal castle might have looked like. The immersive, in image and sound an immersive digital technology, gives the viewer an opportunity to see how the so-called Kungsvåningen at Kärnan may have looked when it was a place for audiences and placements.


We want to investigate whether VR increases the understanding of the past? What does an immersive experience as a learning tool mean for those with reading and writing difficulties? And how do we create an experience with equal parts knowledge and entertainment ”edutainnment”?



The experience is primarily aimed at schools and tourists, but at the same time has the ambition to reach as accurate a scientific height as possible. The immersive experience is at the same time a learning tool that helps the student to reach medieval art and cultural history. Properly designed, it can be an unbeatable history lesson!

Impact target

The effect goals are to offer visitors an experience projected inside the tower. We depart from the traditional pedagogical story with text signs, audio guide or smaller screen. The project's goal is to investigate how an, almost, immersive experience where the visitor starts this through a playful maneuver - when he, for example, lifts a cup, starts a special projection linked to that particular object. The visual experience should be a combination of live animation and still projections, all based on a retold historical story.

Resident involvement

In the first step of the project, discussions will be held with teachers and students about what is to be told - occasional events, such as the Plague 1350 or the saint story about Saint Barbara? Or a longer biographical story about the medieval queen Margareta and her life as regent? Maybe the Middle Ages are not interested at all? Maybe it's the gigantic fortification of the 17th century and the events around it that interests you - or above all, perhaps the respondents (teachers / classes) have completely different ideas? The choice of which story (s) to be shown must be decided no later than 6/6 2021.


Name: Per-Magnus Johansson
E-mail: Pelle.johansson@helsingborg.se