A technical solution that can serve the city's visitors information and inspiration that is relevant to him, here and now.


The digital demands from the visitor increase and change at the same time as the digital platforms and channels are endless. How do we avoid the visitor getting everything in their lap but instead getting what is relevant. Both the information that the visitor actively seeks but also be inspired to new experiences.


By retrieving data from various existing platforms and collecting in one product, we make it easy and accessible for our visitors to find information and inspiration here and now. With smart filters, the visitor can get relevant information based on e.g. interests, weather, season, mode of transport, etc.

Our solution is also relevant for the hospitality industry as it can contribute to additional sales for the entire destination. The solution can also be a tool that makes it easier for the hospitality industry to take care of its guests in the best way.

The solution will also contribute to sustainable destination development by e.g. spread the visitor flows.

Impact target

Strengthen the feeling of hospitality and customer satisfaction among Helsingborg's visitors.

Resident involvement

Since the target group for our solution is visitors, it is mainly them we will engage and interview in the development of the prototype.

  • Driven by

    The city management administration

  • Category

    Digitization & Technology

  • Estimated budget

    500000 kr


Name: Linda Stålberg
E-mail: linda.stalberg@helsingborg.se