To meet the anxiety and frustration that arose with relatives and tenants when the ban on visiting nursing homes was introduced during the corona pandemic, we bought tablets for our nursing homes to enable video calls.



The need for video calls was great, which led to increased pressure on staff to help with the calls. An assistant nurse at a nursing home then quickly developed a web-based booking system where relatives could book in for video calls with the tenant at any of the available times in the system.


Through the booking system, staff were able to plan their days better, and became less stressed, while relatives and tenants felt less anxiety and frustration, and found it easier to communicate with each other.

Impact target

More completed conversations with relatives

Impact target

Less time spent by caregivers planning and assisting with video calls between relatives and tenants


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se