Digidel is a center for digital learning and digital citizen service at the City Library. Here, visitors can try advanced digital technology, borrow tablets and receive individual IT guidance. It also offers things like paying bills digitally and doing troubleshooting related to the digital. Digidel is a service for citizens. It is also an area for co-creation between the city's administrations and between the city and the residents.


Technology development is going at a furious pace. New e-services and applications are constantly appearing. So far so good. But many citizens risk slipping behind and ending up on the wrong side of the digital divide, in a digital exclusion. This can affect these citizens' opportunities to participate in joint activities and society's various processes. In the long run, there is a risk that democracy will thereby be weakened. With Digidel, the City Library, in collaboration with the Digitization Department, wants to work to reduce the digital divide and increase the digital interior. Digidel is an innovation in itself. In addition, innovations are being developed within the framework of Digidel; not least in the form of new methods for digital learning through the business.


The library as a business is a crucial strategic choice, as it is a free, accessible place that many residents have a great deal of trust in and a strong relationship with. The library has also developed a great deal of digital competence, which is a good basic prerequisite. To this must be added the important collaboration with the Digitization Department. A number of solutions are applied; everything from supervision via coaching to individual testing. A sharing culture characterizes the business, whereby administrations and residents use the space to provide and take experience and lessons learned.

  • Driven by

    The Cultural Administration

  • Challenge

    How can we make residents more involved and co-creative?

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  • Technologies

    Application, Digital communication, VR

  • Sector

    Library, Participation, Digitization, Integration, Culture, Social sustainability

  • Partners

    Digitization department


Name: Josefin Andersson
E-mail: josefin.andersson@helsingborg.se