We work with dialogue and co-creation in all projects that affect our tenants' everyday lives.


Renovating residential buildings and developing districts is about more than changing and renewing the physical environments. This means that many people's everyday lives are affected and that the projects therefore need to be carried out in close dialogue with them. It is about informing and taking part in the residents' thoughts, ideas and wishes. Through a close dialogue, the projects can be developed better and the negative consequences for the tenants will be less.


We adapt the dialogue work in different ways for different projects. Our project coordinators form the link between the tenant, the contractor and Helsingborgshem. They work continuously with method development and researchers in real estate entrepreneurship at Malmö University follow their work.

At Drottninghög, which is undergoing a very large change, we are also working on a district-wide dialogue work. We have done this once before, in 2013. Then we focused on housing, dreams, hopes and the Queen's High of the future. In order to achieve the greatest possible success in the continued development work, a similar dialogue project is now being carried out. The focus now is on the district's relocation, the common areas - life between the houses, security and how we can work with smart mobility and sharing economy in the district. We will interview 300 residents at Drottninghög in 2020. Due to the Corona pandemic, the project has had to be transformed from home-to-home visits to meetings outdoors or in a safe room.

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Name: Mikaela Åberg
E-mail: mikaela.aberg@helsingborghem.se