In recent years, Helsingborg has developed into a highly interesting place for street art in various forms. Everything from walls and stairs to electrical cabinets and gates have been turned into canvas for local and international artists. Not least the southern inner city parts of the city have been gifted with a number of striking and much appreciated street art works within the framework of the Art Street project, which is a collaboration between the cultural administration and the city building administration. During this year's ArtStreetHbg, an AR work was created with a focus on exploring the method and what it can add to an already strong medium.

Leon Keer's work "Shattering" plays on climate change and its impact on our earth. As fragile as copper is, our earth is as fragile. Each cup shows a scenario on the theme. The painting also comes to life through AR and Leon Keer's own app, which you can easily download free of charge. Then you will see the cups break into pieces. The wall is 15 x 7.5 meters on Södergatan 11 D.

You can find the app for iOS here and for Google play here.


The project shows the possibilities for completely new art experiences with the help of modern technology. ARt Street is developing a fairly young, already innovative art form with another technical dimension. This contributes to the interest among the inhabitants for the art form and for the art and design of the public space. It can generate a commitment among the residents for the development of a sustainable and culturally strong, smart city.


ARt Street is exactly what it sounds like. A unique mix of street art and AR technology.

We have partly tested the AR technology inside Dunkers kulturhus in a pilot exhibition with most works and tested the method outside in the urban environment.

Impact target

A new AR work that has not been completed before in Helsingborg.


We managed to cure this type of artwork.

Resident involvement

Via a physical exhibition at Dunkers kulturhus, the desire for AR works was tested by visitors, which was the basis for the decision to implement this in an urban environment.


Name: Fredrik Öjbro
E-mail: fredrik.ojbro@helsingborg.se