What does future housing look like in Helsingborg? With the help of analysis of existing data, investigation of trends, interviews and tests, the housing of the future will be designed in an innovative way.


According to current research, it is important to open up for more ways of living, beyond the norms and concepts that dominate today.
The housing of the future will be more flexible, inclusive and with the opportunity for community. Integration with housing and social functions such as cultivation terraces and community premises encourages new forms of sharing economy between the residents.


The initiative is divided into three phases.

A joint project application together with Sernecke, the City of Helsingborg, Malmö University and Lund University has been approved by Vinnova.

Phase 1 Exploratory phase - background report (winter 2021 - spring 2022)
Through statistics, analysis and user dialogues with residents of Helsingborg, trends in population development, migration patterns and future housing preferences will be investigated.
Main performers: City of Helsingborg and Lund University
Phase 2 Expo H22 - interactive dialogue - survey results (spring and summer 2022)
We are building a test bed / dialogue tool in a store on the H22 area to be able to collect views on future housing during the H22 city fair June-July 2022.
Main performers: Bostadsbolaget, IT partners and Lund University.
Phase 3 An innovative housing project (2022-2025)
The project will be based on phases 1 and 2 intended to be realized in Helsingborg

Impact target

After 50 interactive user dialogues about housing in Helsingborg, which will be carried out during the H22 weeks, have a good insight into how we will develop the housing of the future

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    The city management administration

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    Housing, Participation, Energy, Real estate


Name: Christina Zoric Persson
E-mail: christina.zoric.persson@helsingborg.se