Through Housing First, homeless people can get a permanent home with their own first-hand contract, without the requirement for drug freedom, an approach that should permeate all supported housing.


People with substance abuse and / or mental illness should not have to move around between different forms of temporary housing depending on whether you are currently drug-free or not, or due to other things that happen in your life.

The home must, as far as possible, be out in the community among other tenants and there must be support to be able to live and stay.


The tenant and the housing team together develop an action plan. The team also collaborates with people around the tenant. The action plan must describe what the support should look like in one's own home and who does what, when and how.

The action plan also includes what happens if someone fails to comply with the requirements and obligations that apply to all tenants. Among other things, there are a number of emergency rooms with more support, where the person can stay for a while and then move back home, for example in the event of a sharp relapse into addiction that affects the accommodation.

Now the social administration's supported housing unit is looking at how they can spread the Housing First thinking to other forms of housing. In short, it means changing attitudes from strict requirements and rules to individual planning and support based on the individual's wishes and abilities. The idea is that it will reduce the feeling that you are punishing yourself from a form of housing and have to start again from the bottom step again.

The residents themselves are also to a much greater extent involved in the development of the business. Researchers from Lund University are involved in looking at how the methods can be further developed and what effect it has.

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Name: Jessica Nordenvall
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