The robust Helsingborg investigates various aspects of a robust energy supply in a rapidly growing Helsingborg with ambitious climate goals and an energy system under conversion.

The project evaluates the current and future energy needs in Helsingborg and how we should act to be able to meet these needs in a sustainable way.

In addition to the analyzes of energy needs and supply, the project also aims to create competence dissemination and collaboration within energy issues in Helsingborg.

The project is a collaboration between the Environmental Administration and Öresundskraft and is part-financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.


  • Technologies

    Energy technology

  • Sector

    Housing, Digitization, Energy, Real estate

  • Partners

    The Swedish Energy Agency, The Environmental Administration


Name: Patrik Hermansson
E-mail: Patrik Hermansson@oresundskraft.se