Movies that show how people suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment themselves perform everyday chores such as washing their hands. The films are shot with actors and with the help of so-called deepfake technology, the actor's face is replaced with that of the person with dementia.


People who suffer from dementia or cognitive impairment often have difficulty remembering to perform everyday tasks such as brushing their teeth. These people often suffer from poor oral health, which can further impair their quality of life.

During the ongoing corona pandemic, a new, in some cases fatal, health risk has arisen. Today, it can be a big risk to become infected with covid-19 if you have difficulty remembering to wash your hands. Since people with dementia often belong to one or more risk groups, this is an important issue and a solution would mean a lot to these vulnerable and fragile people.


The assumption is that if the person suffering from a dementia disease watches a film on how a task is performed, it will be easier for the person to perform it. You are reminded from time to time about doing the chore and how to do it.

Now we want to test if the effect will be even better if the person gets to see a film of himself when he performs the task. We want to do this by filming short films where an actor performs simple chores, and then with the help of so-called "deep-fake" technology replaces the actor's face with pictures of the demented person's own face.

Impact target

Increased degree of independence for people with dementia

Impact target

Improved dental hygiene among people with dementia

Resident involvement

This is a very sensitive issue and there is a high risk that the person will be confused instead of helped. The solution must be tested with great care and together with the administration's specialists in the care of people with dementia.


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se

Name: Ingrid Nyman
E-mail: ingrid.nyman@helsingborg.se

Name: Tina Olofsson
E-mail: tina.olofsson2@helsingborg.se