We want to explore how development and implementation of automated analysis can improve decision support within communication work in the city, streamline and innovate processes and increase goal fulfillment.


The city of Helsingborg has high ambitions. We are one of Europe's most innovative cities, a position we will further develop in order to increase the quality of welfare services and attract new jobs and business establishments. Communication and marketing work is a central part for the city to strengthen its brand vis-à-vis various stakeholders and achieve its goals. This, in turn, is based on us doing the right things to the right target groups at the right time.

Today, we spend time and resources on manually analyzing and evaluating the effect of various communication efforts. By setting up relevant KPIs and automating the insight work, we can follow the outcome of our activities in real time and act quickly to change the way we work in order to achieve our goals to a greater degree. A data-driven approach will challenge established patterns and behaviors and lead to a better allocation of time and resources.


We develop KPIs and key figures that capture relevant aspects of the external communication work in editorial and social media. We then set up an automated monitoring that aggregates the media presence based on articles and posts and builds a digital dashboard to visualize the results and enable comparisons over time and topic.

With this in place, we will get better decision support in communication work as well as streamlining processes and working methods, which in turn leads to the release of resources.

Impact target

Better decision support in communication work and streamlining of processes and working methods, which in turn leads to the release of resources.


Name: Thomas Jartsell
E-mail: thomas.jartsell@helsingborg.se