A square must of course be planned by those who will use it! How would the city develop if everyone had the opportunity to influence their residential area? Does everyone understand what is planned and why? How do we take advantage of the residents' commitment to the city and strengthen it?

These are some questions that we are trying to find new answers to with the help of the latest technological developments. We want to try to intertwine civic dialogue, co-creation and visual aids such as Augmented Reality, AR, in a whole new way. With this new tool, we could attract Helsingborg's residents to get involved in the city's design and functions. As a first step, we want to test the tool in a co-creation process with residents and visitors on Drottninghögs torg under H22.

We want to reach new groups in society who today rarely get involved in the city's development. It can be due to lack of time, linguistic confusion and difficulties in understanding plans and urban planning processes, but also that the city uses the wrong channels to reach out.

An improved dialogue increases understanding between different stakeholders. A greater commitment from residents during the planning process guarantees a better anchoring of projects and that it responds to real needs.

Today, there is a lack of a digital tool that brings together dialogue processes, co-creation and 3D technologies such as AR. We believe that this can make a big difference in the understanding between planners and residents. At the same time, we want to add a measure of gameification, where we borrow the best from the gaming world to enhance the desire to use the tool. This has never been done before.

This is a complex tool that the city cannot develop itself. We therefore work closely with committed partners up to H22. We have a clear goal picture but are looking for the best features that work for the target group. The tool will be continuously tested after each sprint. During H22, it should be possible to use the tool in various workshops on Drottninghögs torg to sketch its future design and function. The ultimate goal is that the tool can be used in other contexts and projects in Helsingborg, so why not the whole of Sweden?

Impact target

The pilot is primarily a Proof of Concept for co-creation in AR and secondly shows the possibilities to communicate about different proposals for rebuilding between citizens and other stakeholders.


Name: Alfred Nerhagen
E-mail: alfred.Nerhagen@helsingborg.se