How can VR technology be used within LSS to train in response and conflict management?


We are now investing in a new, unique and innovative education in treatment and conflict management with the help of VR technology. In the training, the participants get to experience authentic scenarios in a VR environment and practice responding to an avatar that reacts in real time to the participant's behavior, voice position, pulse and word choice.


The training is developed by behavioral scientist Maria Bauer at Framvik, who has more than 30 years of professional experience from the judiciary, care and nursing, and will be used to develop skills in staff in treatment and conflict management to better handle situations that may arise in the business.

Impact target

Safer staff have better conditions for providing good care and attention

Resident involvement

Tests are carried out with staff in the care profession


Name: Daniela Cartes Fernández
E-mail: daniela.cartesfernandez@helsingborg.se

Name: Marie Strömberg
E-mail: marie.stromberg@helsingborg.se