SES is a comprehensive web-based support for parents and children during a separation. In Denmark, it has had a documented effect on reducing depression and stress for parents. Helsingborg will now be the first in Sweden to test the model. We are also expanding support to also target children directly.


A separation is tiring for both parents and children and risks leading to consequences such as stress, depression, conflict and aggression. Preventing this already at the beginning of the separation has been shown to have a social effect in Denmark in reduced sick leave.


We are now trying to translate the Danish module into Swedish, in order to eventually build our own Swedish version that will also be aimed directly at older children (2022). The module contains concrete tools for understanding the situation and their own reactions, communicating with their ex-partner, managing conflicts and talking to their children.

18 modules aimed at parents are available in Swedish, Arabic and English available to our residents. Children's modules are under construction and are planned to be completed in the summer of 2022.

Resident involvement

SeS has been tested and used on our clients with very good results!

  • Driven by

    City of Helsingborg, The social administration

  • Challenge

    How do we promote mental and physical health among young people?

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  • Estimated budget

    3510000 kr

  • Cost so far

    3410000 kr

  • Sector

    Children and young people, Digital health, Digital communication, Family law, Parents

  • Partners

    Contact center, Cooperation After Divorce


Name: Lisbeth Davidsson
E-mail: lisbeth.davidsson@helsingborg.se