By connecting our gutters with sensors, we can protect our properties and in a simpler way monitor and anticipate any problems.


Rain and debris affect our properties. Leaves, balls and other things can cause blockages in the gutters, whose task is to divert the rainwater from the house. If there is a stop somewhere on the road, it can cause leakage and in the long run the property can have problems with moisture in the facade and foundation. The only way to prevent this is to continuously inspect your properties and fix any problems.


With a smartly connected gutter, we can get warnings without having to inspect the property. Sensors in the gutter warn if there is standing water over a longer period, which tells us that there may be a stop somewhere.


Impact target

A smart gutter reduces the continuous maintenance work, and also reduces the property owner's costs.


Name: Bo Andersson
E-mail: bo.andersson1@helsingborg.se