With a locally based social orientation for new arrivals, the Labor Market Administration wants to facilitate and accelerate integration and enable a faster establishment into Swedish society.


The effort wants to:

  • develop operational collaboration with key players in the labor market administration and other administrations,
  • develop operational collaboration with business and associations,
  • integrated with the municipality's and the employment service's other establishment initiatives,
  • work with a clear connection to the labor market through, among other things, contacts with the local business community.

The labor market administration wants to develop methods for evaluating the societal orientation, examining the effects of the local anchoring and the effects of the new arrivals who participate in the course. We want to answer the question of whether we are actually accelerating the establishment and integration of the residents we work with. Based on the needs of the individuals and our resources, we want to create the best possible conditions for the participants to succeed.


The Helsingborg family, together with funding from the County Administrative Board, has developed a locally based societal orientation for new arrivals with a focus on the labor market. New arrivals need knowledge of and understanding of Swedish society. One contribution to this is the societal orientation, which we believe is an important area of activity. Each newcomer must be offered a community orientation that includes at least 100 hours. It must be possible to combine work, studies and other activities to facilitate and accelerate establishment in society and working life.

Offering community orientation is a municipal assignment and an important contribution for the municipalities in the work of facilitating the establishment and participation of new arrivals in Swedish society. Since 2011, the municipalities within the Helsingborg Family have been offering a common social orientation through collaboration with the County Administrative Board of Skåne.

The basic idea of the new method is that the County Administrative Board of Skåne, like today, will conduct the 60 introductory hours. The last 40 hours will end on their own, where the municipality contributes with a clearer labor market focus with local roots and study visits. Through a cross-border collaboration between the municipalities, authorities, local civil society and the local business community, we have a unique opportunity to anchor the obligatory parts of the social orientation in an everyday context, with the support of staff with relevant skills.

Impact target

Give new arrivals better conditions to establish themselves in Helsingborg and in Swedish society.

Resident involvement

Residents have been involved through needs analyzes.


Name: Jasmina Cacan
E-mail: jasmina.cacan@helsingborg.se