The social administration signed an IOP agreement with the association REKO, so that together with young people, they would post about support efforts in social media.

Paused indefinitely, as the association REKO has paused its activities.


We find it difficult to reach young people with the support that is available, through the city, the region and voluntary organizations. They do not go to helsingborg.se and search when they are unwell. We need to be present and active where young people are, in social media. At the same time, the social administration today does not have the resources to run channels aimed at young people in social media and create flow and followers.


Through an IOP agreement with the association REKO, they have made posts, together with young people in the city, for publication in their social media channels, which are aimed at young people. The posts are sponsored on Instagram. REKO gets more followers in their channel, which they manage with a regular flow, and the social administration can get their information out through posts that young people themselves create and spread.

Impact target

That Helsingborg's young people know where to turn for support


The sponsored posts have been well distributed in the target group.

Resident involvement

The association REKO has run the project together with young people.

  • Driven by

    External, The social administration

  • Challenge

    How can we make residents more involved and co-creative?

  • Category


  • Technologies

    Digital communication

  • Estimated budget

    SEK 15,000

  • Sector

    Children and young people, Participation, Free time, Communication, Co-creation, Mental Health, Social innovation

  • Partners

    Inhabitant, REKO - Helsingborgs ungdomsjour


Name: David Bergström
E-mail: david.bergstrom@helsingborg.se