Can we facilitate the many small translation needs in connection with pick-up and drop-off at the city's preschools by having a common language resource?


Our preschools always have the opportunity to book an interpreter or language resource via the city's interpreter service if needed. The challenge arises in that the city's interpreters are freelancers who take assignments in several different places. It is therefore not possible to spontaneously call an interpreter for translation during the moments when they can help in a conversation, for example in small matters in connection with pick-up and drop-off. These matters usually only need up to a couple of minutes of translation help at the same time and not the entire half hour that is otherwise booked.


Now we want to test if we can solve those situations by booking a common language resource during the current hours. Instead of each preschool booking its own interpreter, we try to let the preschools call in to the same language resource.

The plan is to test the approach for two weeks and follow up the value by measuring how many calls the common language resource receives during that period.

On the same theme, a couple of other solutions are currently being explored and tested in the city of Helsingborg:

  • Digital interpreter - an interpretation app that is developed in collaboration between several of the city's administrations.
  • Laiban - the preschool's digital assistant who gradually learns to speak more languages and answer more questions.


Impact target

Increased understanding between guardians and preschool

Resident involvement

The idea is being tested with guardians.


Name: Anne Svensson - preschool teacher
E-mail: anne.svensson2@helsingborg.se