The city and a number of selected developers have together created a work platform for a continuous exchange and cooperation to take advantage of experiences and increase the opportunity to achieve synergy effects in the work of developing Sweden's best district for families with children.


Östra Ramlösa is a new district that is planned in eastern Helsingborg. The ambition is for Östra Ramlösa to become an attractive, vibrant and long-term sustainable district with a unique character in harmony with existing natural and cultural values. The new district will be integrated with other parts of the city, offering good living environments with approximately 3,000 homes of various kinds and associated services such as center activities, school, preschool and sports hall, parks and nature trails.

The goal is for Östra Ramlösa to be developed into Sweden's best district for families with children. This is a high goal and to fulfill the goal picture, the city has at an early stage hooked arm with a number of selected developers to work together during the planning process for Östra Ramlösa to become Sweden's best district for families with children.


We are testing a new way of working for the city where a number of selected developers are involved at an early stage in the planning work to work together with the city, Öresundskraft, NSVA and NSR to realize our goal.

The urban planning process involves balancing a variety of perspectives, each of which is important for the city to be perceived as attractive to its residents. Art is a perspective that often comes in late in the process. Within this major project, the city planning administration, together with the culture and city management administration, wants to develop support that turns the existing process back and forth. In practice, this means that art instead becomes a strategic tool in an initial stage.

The support is designed as a process tool that becomes one knowledge support to relate to in the planning work and partly one communication tools which can be widely used for civil servants, politicians, builders, the general public and more. The pilot aims to develop a strategy that in a first stage will be implemented and through this tested on Östra Ramlösa.  Then the goal is to evaluate and as the next step to implement on all exploitation efforts in the city.

Impact target

An efficient and joint work that results in a basis for building Sweden's best district for families with children


Name: Sofie Thorsson
E-mail: Sofie.thorsson@helsingborg.se