To contribute to increased attractiveness and variety in the Drottninghög district, Helsingborgshem is developing a complement to the traditional forms of housing. It is about a modern interpretation of collective housing that is based on the sharing economy.


After a number of years of high consumption of both products and services, we are now facing a growing trend based on sharing instead of private ownership. The sharing economy is about saving resources. The environmental aspect is important and renting, borrowing and exchanging becomes an alternative to buying and owning, for example, a car, clothes and tools. This trend can also be seen in housing and Helsingborgshem is working on a co-living concept based on social, ecological and economic sustainability in the new City Quarter at Drottninghög.


The Co-Living City Quarter will consist of 12 private rooms of between about 10 and 15 sqm and about 200 sqm common areas. In the own rooms there is space for, among other things, bed space, work area, storage and own refrigerator. Three tenants share a bathroom and all tenants share a kitchen. The common areas we plan to include areas for, for example, cultivation, music, games, visits, training and libraries. This is a new housing concept for a target group that wants to live sustainably and protects the sharing economy and social community.

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    Housing, Participation, Sharing economy, Real estate, Sustainable construction, Social innovation


Name: Mikaela Åberg
E-mail: mikaela.aberg@helsingborgshem.se