Klick is an invitation card to the digital world. It is a simple card reader that reads smart cards that are inserted into a holder on the back of a tablet. The cards are looked up in a database and start the "right" app in the "right" way.

Clicks were developed at the health and care administration during the summer of 2020 as a way of trying to reduce digital exclusion.


Under a Christmas tree somewhere in Sweden is a hard package, with a beautifully written rhyming greeting:

“Now Grandma, you can skype and chat with us!
Here you get a surf… ..
Merry Christmas grandmother from children and grandchildren! ”

The package is opened and nine-year-old Tilda takes command of the situation. She installs and shows accounts and passwords, mom feels good. The tablet was expensive, but now Grandma can keep up and see pictures of the children.

The next morning Grandma picks up the tablet, it was still nice of the kids to think of her. But then she holds her finger on the icon for too long and a message appears "Uninstall the app". Grandma gets worried, and puts down the tablet. The grandchildren will probably visit on the thirteenth day, maybe they can show again how they did then.


Click removes the need to navigate around the tablet and remember which icons are associated with which applications.

With inspiration from the old honest slide projector, we have created physical cards that insert into a card reader on the back of a tablet. The cards are designed so that they are easy to understand, for example a picture of the daughter on the card that starts Skype calls or a card with SVT's logo to start SVT Play and watch the news.

Everything you can do with a tablet you can do with a colorful card. Stiff dry fingers, or failing memory no longer prevent anyone from video chatting with the family or watching series on Netflix.

Impact target

Increased use of digital aids for communication among vulnerable groups

Impact target

Increased sense of independence among those who use the solution

Resident involvement

Tests in the home environment with users were carried out during the Christmas weekend


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se

Name: Jeccica Linde
E-mail: jeccica.linde@helsingborg.se