The City of Helsingborg connects its ambitious environmental and sustainability work with the city's financing by establishing a framework for sustainability-linked bonds. Net zero emissions of greenhouse gases in Helsingborg by 2035 is a key goal, the pace of emission reductions is now linked to the interest rate terms on the city's bonds.


The sustainability-linked framework describes, based on the high goals in the City of Helsingborg's climate and energy plan, how CO emissions2e will decrease in the geographical area Helsingborg until the year 2035. For each year there is a target value for CO emissions2a number of tonnes, on the basis of the target values, bonds are constructed that take into account that the emission reductions are achieved. If the target is not reached, the investor receives a higher coupon on his bond or a larger nominal amount on the bond's maturity date.

RUS (Regional Development and Collaboration in the environmental target system) is responsible for measurements and calculations of greenhouse gas emissions and these are available in the national emissions database.


Within the geographical area of Helsingborg, greenhouse gas emissions have decreased by 52 percent since 1990. It is possible to achieve the ambition of net zero emissions by 2035, but then it is required that emissions decrease at a faster rate in the next few years. We therefore need to concentrate on reducing emissions in crucial areas, such as fossil fuel-free transport, and take advantage of carbon sinks and transformative technology to store and sequester carbon dioxide.

The sustainability-linked bonds will finance the municipal group's strategy towards increased quality of life, a better environment and a sustainable Helsingborg.

We work on a broad front in the city's organization and together with the city's actors. This can be seen, for example, in our work with local climate agreements and our innovation work. In September, Helsingborg was in the final of the European Commission's nomination EU Green Capital and now we are looking at whether Helsingborg has the potential to become one of the 100 European cities that take the lead in climate change.

The City of Helsingborg has developed the framework in collaboration with Danske Bank and in accordance with the International Capital Market Association's "Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles". S&P Global Ratings has given a so-called Second Party Opinion on the framework.


Name: Göran Heimer
E-mail: goran.heimer@helsingborg.se