We want to see if we can use an app and interactive city maps with tips on movements and exercises to make it easier for families to move around more together.


In Helsingborg, we have long prioritized finding methods to increase the physical movement of children and students. Some examples of investments are:

That an increase in heart rate affects the concentration shows, among other things The pulse study made in collaboration between Helsingborg City Schools and Kristianstad University.

Common to most investments so far is that they have focused on the student and in the school environment. Now we want to see what happens if we also involve the student's family in a practical way.


In collaboration with the Finnish company Geego we will produce maps in Geego's existing app. The maps will inspire joint walks in Helsingborg's urban environment. In the walking trails, playful movement tips for the younger members of the family and training exercises for the adults to use will appear.

The development will take place during the spring semester -22 and the maps will be tested during the 5 city expo weeks this summer.

The indicators we look at during the test to see if city maps can be a good way to increase movement in children are:

  • The number of downloads of the app Geego Kids during the period (200 we consider a good result)
  • The number of urban challenges started during the period (here we are aiming for 300)

Impact target

Increased physical activity in children

Resident involvement

The city maps will be tested with students and their families.


Name: Gustaf Andersson - Student health
E-mail: gustaf.andersson@helsingborg.se