The outdoor recycling is a place where the city's various actors collaborate on materials that would otherwise have been thrown away but which now instead become new break experiences for the students in Helsingborg's city schools.




Continuously buying newly produced material for our operations strains both the environment and the economy. We need to find new ways to take care of and use materials instead of buying new.


At Uteøgerbruket, there is always soil and peat to use for projects in the schoolyard, but depending on what comes in, it is also possible to find, for example, benches, stools, cement pipes, play stands or wooden materials to use for huts or in handicrafts.

Impact target

Reduced purchases of schoolyard equipment


An estimated 50% of the city's schools and preschools have visited the outdoor recycling center to pick up materials.


Name: Emma Sjöberg
E-mail: emma.sjoberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Anders Hammarlund
E-mail: anders.hammarlund@helsingborg.se