It is included in the curriculum to teach traffic safety in years 1-3 based on instructions from NTF, but this teaching often takes place with paper and pen and in a classroom. We want to increase awareness and knowledge regarding road safety in children, all so that children can move more safely on our streets.



We will create a solution where children can continuously practice traffic safety in a realistic way in a safe environment with the help of modern technology. The ambition is to develop a solution that could be used by all of Sweden's schools. In the tool, children must practice both traffic rules and how to behave safely in different traffic situations.


The initiative would give the school the chance to improve the quality of traffic education, ensure the same conditions and provide the opportunity to test new learning techniques on a subject that does not belong to any of the traditional school subjects. SBF's get an opportunity to explore and collaborate with a digital complement to the physical child traffic school.


Impact target

Increased knowledge among primary school children about traffic rules and how they should be applied

Resident involvement

The service will be developed together with children in a designated target group and together with educators.

  • Driven by

    The city management administration

  • Challenge

    How can we get more students to reach the knowledge goals in school?

  • Category

    Learning and Establishment

  • Technologies


  • Sector

    Children and young people, Digitization, School, Training

  • Partners

    Hbg Works, The Environmental Administration, The school and leisure administration, The City Building Administration, TietoEvry


Name: Lisa Olsson
E-mail: lisa.olsson@helsingborg.se