Chatbot Sally is one of the City of Helsingborg's chatbots - the chatbot the people of Helsingborg meet. Sally is available at helsingborg.se where she, among other things, helps users with information and answers to questions about adult education and the city's schools or to order drawings from the building permit archive. At foretagare.helsingborg.se she helps with permit issues and information about food operations. And if the question is new to her and she cannot answer it, she can quickly and easily transfer it to one of her human colleagues at the contact center.


We believe that information in the future will be communicated to the user in other ways than today. We believe, for example, that it will become more common to talk to their gadgets, that we will get used to a dialogue-based interface, and that this type of interface will replace some of the importance of websites today. To prepare for that, we want to test and learn about the technology around chatbots. We also believe that a dialogue-based interface can create a more personal experience of the municipality, and an experience that is perhaps easier to understand and build a relationship with.


In 2018, we started a pilot project with the goal of learning more about the technology behind chatbots. The project would develop a chatbot that would replace Kontaktcenter's manned chat on selected parts of helsingborg.se. The fine would initially be to deal with issues in the field of adult education. Since the launch in 2018, Sally has continued to develop and today it is the contact center and the city's operations, with the support of Hbg Works, that work to develop and broaden Sally's knowledge.



Impact target

Sally herself must complete more than 70% of all chats without the need for the help of a human agent.

Impact target

70% of those who have received help from Sally should be satisfied with the answer they have received.

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    Hbg Works


Name: Alexander Regander
E-mail: Alexander.Regander@helsingborg.se