Around Oceanpiren you will in a few years be able to visit Sweden's first marine park with the goal of creating better conditions for plants and animals in the sea. But also create new experiences for residents and visitors. The sea is one of Helsingborg's biggest assets and we want to create a focus on the sea in the city's future urban planning and that it becomes a natural part of the planning by creating a catalog with opportunities for marine environments.


Today, there are no guidelines for how the city should build in ports or the like to increase biodiversity. Therefore, we want to create a catalog with concrete proposals for measures that show how the city can increase biodiversity and make the marine environment visible, partly in existing port environments and partly in port environments to be built. The catalog will fill a knowledge gap in the city's urban planning.

The catalog must be able to be used by city planners at the City Building Administration in Helsingborg and in other organizations and in other places to add marine ecological values in an existing port environment and when planning and designing new environments.


We will hire a consultant who will collect and develop proposals for measures in collaboration with the environment, culture and urban planning administration and, for example, Lund University.

As part of the work of producing a catalog of measures, we need to make a test bed to try out different solutions for the design of structures and different materials.

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Impact target

Increase knowledge of planning for the sea in urban planning.

  • Driven by

    The Environmental Administration

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Sector

    Environment, Public environment, Urban planning

  • Partners

    The City Building Administration


Name: Stina Bertilsson Adult
E-mail: Stina.BertilssonVuksan@helsingborg.se

Name: Robert Jakobsson Ahl
E-mail: robert.jakobsson-ahl@helsingborg.se